8 thoughts on “The Munsters (Stern Tribute 2020)

  1. please make a vpx version I hate pinup system like jp salas all this talk about the pinup system its crap

  2. jp salas makes the best tables he doest use pinup your just making it harder for the end users

  3. JP rocks. Pinup is cool too you just need to spend time to sort it out.
    Keep in mind Pinup is relatively new and under heavy development which
    makes getting iall working even more challenging. Took me no less than
    5 days to sort out most of my Pinup issues and there are still some things not

  4. GREAT job with this! Video looks wonderful! Looking forward to trying it out tonight!

    To those who simply want to criticize great work like this…. SHOVE OFF! (But kids, I didn’t say “shove.”)


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